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MYSTERY - Embrace Faithlet

MYSTERY - Embrace Faithlet

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Embrace Faithlets are fully adjustable and will fit most wrist sizes. They can, with a little force be bent to the correct size. We designed them to be delicate, lightweight, comfortable, and durable so you can wear them daily, to work, or play. Our bracelets are made of lead free, and tarnish resistant stainless steel.

Gold Embrace Faithlets are made with the same strong, tarnish resistant material as our silver bands, with a thick overlay of 18K gold. With proper care, gold plated bands will last a long time.


To clean, wipe with a soft cloth. Avoid frequent contact with strong chemicals, such as detergents, bleach, perfume, etc… Store in jewelry box or soft cloth. As the cuffs are made from tarnish and corrosion resistant stainless steel they can be worn in the shower without any problems.


Customizable: Choose your favorite color and message
Material: Stainless steel coated in 18K gold/rose (the silver cuff is plain jewelry rated stainless steel)
Adjustable: The cuffs are made to be adjusted and can be bent into the perfect size with little force
Water resistant: Dive in! Your cuff will hold up. Pools and lakes are safe. For maximum longevity we suggest removing bracelet before swimming in the ocean.
Unisex: Perfect for both men and women.
Nickel: There is no nickel traces in our bracelets, so if you are allergic, don’t worry.

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